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Why do we love Lavender?

Lavender is one of the most often used aromatic botanicals. The aroma is not only fresh and pleasant, but it is also tranquil and soothing, making it excellent for a number of purposes. 

Lavender is also quite popular with dogs. Pet owners may often use it for their animals for many of the same reasons they use it for themselves. 

Lavender has a great reputation as a natural treatment, and for good reason.


Relaxing properties of lavender may help alleviate emotions of worry and tension. That's excellent news for both our canine pals and ourselves! 

This is critical if your pet suffers from conditions such as noise phobia, 

separation anxiety when driving to the vet/meeting new people/being in crowds 

If you're aware of the conditions in which your pet becomes worried, try dabbing a few drops of lavender oil in a carrier oil on the tips of her ears or on her collar.  However, it is important you check for any reactions. 

There are many more reasons why this essential oil is at the top of our priority list.

It may also help to: minimize joint inflammation; alleviate itchy, irritated skin; and prevent motion sickness and to fend off mosquitos and other insects. 

Making sure that you get the right oil for your dog 

Essential oils are not presently regulated. This is why it is critical to ensure that what you are purchasing is a therapeutic grade essential oil. There are just too many items on the market that do not contain pure lavender, and those 'unknown' chemicals may be dangerous. Woofing Tales has done significant study to identify the best quality of essential oil to utilize in our products for your pets.


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