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Hush Baby Calming Spray

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Hush Baby Calming Spray by Woofing Tales

Hush Baby is a spray that’s going to calm your anxious puppy. Watching our most innocent cuddle buddies suffer from stress and anxiety is a sore sight. Our calming spray is a soothing concoction of lavender, nature’s antidepressant and chamomile, an effective aid to relaxation that’s going to help your dogs simmer down to a great extent. A few sprays of this, and you’ll see your dog in a relaxed state of mind, much like a Coldplay album. It reduces tension and aids in a good night’s sleep. We suggest you drop this in your cart if you have an anxious buddy running around in your house.

Directions to Use- Cover your dog’s eyes and face and spray from a distance of 6 inches, or spray the dog’s bed. 


 Ingredients Type Benefits
Lavender Hydrosol  Naturally Derived Calming effect on anxious dogs
Blue Chamomile hydrosol  Naturally Derived Calming effect on anxious dogs


While all of the natural ingredients/products we sell are believed to have therapeutic and healing properties, they are not to be used to treat any form of health problem. We do not recommend the use of these products as an alternate for medical care.

Why should I use the calming spray on my dog?

If your dog tends to get anxious during travel, crowded areas or loud noises, this spray can help calm your dog down.

Does it have a strong aroma?

It has a mild aroma to it.

Do they have additional benefits?

They also help soothe inflamed skin.

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