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Pet Floor Cleaner Combo (price inclusive of ₹50 off)

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Pet Floor Cleaner Combo (price inclusive of ₹50 off) by Woofing Tales

'Twenty floor by seven' floor cleaners come in a supersaver pack of two. 


This pack contains- 

2x Twenty Floor Seven- Floor Cleaner 

Twenty Floor Seven is our pet and kid friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic floor cleaning liquid that’s made for regular use. It’s got a natural fragrance and is a known enemy of the average smudge. That’s right, it leaves no stain unchecked. What’s more is you can use the residual to feed your plants once a week. We promise you a green product and a clean floor.

Directions of Use:

Take 10ml floor cleaner liquid and add it to half a bucket of water (5 litres) and use the solution to mop the floor when used for the first time. Gradually, 5ml can be used to mop the floor. Residual water can be fed to plants once a week. 


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