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Hemp Haven - Healing Balm

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Hemp Haven - Healing Balm by Woofing Tales


Hemp Haven is one of our versatile products. It’s a healing balm manufactured to soften the skin of your pet as well as treat abrasions and skin infections. It’s an effective potion made from hemp seed oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil. Shea butter, Kokum butter and lavender is also sprinkled into the mix to create this all-round product. You can rub it on your dog’s paws, snout or wound. It smells great and it does the job!



 Ingredients Type  Benefits 
Hemp Seed Oil  Naturally Derived  Soothes itchy skin, inflammation. 
Coconut oil Naturally Derived  Prevents hairballs, conditions skin. 
Lavender essential oil Naturally Derived  Treats skin infection, bug bites and abrasions. 
Kokum butter Naturally Derived  Heals dry and cracked skin.
Shea Butter  Naturally Derived  Softens skin. 
Vitamin e oil  Naturally Derived  Reduces injury healing time.


While all of the natural ingredients/products we sell are believed to have therapeutic and healing properties, they are not to be used to treat any form of health problem. We do not recommend the use of these products as an alternate for medical care.

Is licking the healing balm hazardous to my dog?

It is harmless as it's comprised of natural oils. Because the treatment is exclusively for topical usage, it is best not to let your dog lick it.

How long should I use the healing balm?

Use it regularly until the skin condition alleviates. It is perfect for regular use as it conditions and repairs the skin.

How long would it take to see results?

The skin condition improves after 1-2  weeks. Considering your dog might well be intolerant to any of the substances mentioned above, conduct a patch test first.

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